Meet the team


Marc R. Silberman, M.D.

Founder & CEO

Sick of paper work, Dr. Silberman began using GoToMySportsPhysical in 2009 when he became team physician for Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, NJ. A sports medicine physician and director of NJ Sports Medicine and Performance Center, Dr. Silberman has performed and/or reviewed over 15,000 paper sports physical evaluations. He has been published in peer reviewed scientific journals and has presented at international sports medicine conferences.

He would like to make all of our lives better with by cutting down on waste and inefficiency, allowing us to focus on the athlete…NOT on paperwork, and make the world a little greener.

He would rather swim, bike, and run, than push paper.

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Max Kramer

Director of Engineering

Max is a software engineer who graduated with a BS in Computer Science from UNC Chapel Hill. He has a background in medical and financial software.

He teamed up with Dr. Silberman to redesign the site from the ground up to cater to a large group of organizations and users.

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→ Picture of Marc courtesy of Charles Smith