We at GTMSP are always looking for great people to help us expand our business. Check out the available jobs below. Don't see what you are looking for? Feel free to send us a message and we'd be happy to chat!

Sales/Support Representative ( + )

We are looking for great people for combined Sales/Support roles, where you will have a lot of freedom to interact with clients and sell a great product as a part-time position. You can work from anywhere, you just need access to a phone and email!


  • Market and distribute our product.
  • Thoroughly qualify leads & sales opportunities.
  • Leverage business from new & established relationships.
  • Facilitate support requests for your clients.


  • Personable and knowledgable when communicating (in person, on the phone, or by email).
  • Eager to learn and help.
  • Enjoy working with other great people.


We have a very generous commission structure that rewards new client acquisition as well as maintaining strong client relationships.

For new clients, you earn 75% of their fees. For each subsequent year that the client maintains their subscription, the commission will drop 10% down to a minimum of 25%. As an example:

During your first year, let's assume you sell to 6 schools at $500/school. Since it is the first year, you would earn 75% of the $3000 in fees, which is $2250. For the following year, even without selling to other clients, you will earn 65% commission on the fees, which is $1950.

You will be expected to serve as the primary support contact for your clients and must maintain relationships with the clients.

And don't worry, you will have plenty of support from the project team. We have 1-on-1 trainings to help you learn the product and a knowledgebase of help articles.