Getting started as a Physician


Register physician

Step 1: Register as physician

Start by registering yourself as an individual physician with your individual NPI.

Create physician groups

Step 2: Form physician groups with your Group NPI

Once registered as an individual physician, if you are the medical directors of a group medical practice, you can add other physicians and health care providers to your account. Athletes can then send sports physical forms to the group. Once formed, your medical group will be listed in the Find a Physician section for free.

Approve reject

Step 3: Review and fill out sports physical forms online

Send the completed sports physical to the school and athlete with one click. It is that simple.


Register for free and you will be listed in our find a physician section. Physician groups and individual find a physician section. Physician groups and individual physicians are listed. No hidden fees, gimmicks, or contracts.
Say goodbye to receiving incomplete forms. Athletes are required to fill out all applicable fields before submission.
The whole process is now online. Athletes electronically send their sports physical to you (or your physician group). Complete and sign the sports physical using a mouse (or your finger on touch-enabled device). Great for school team physicians and individual providers.
No more printing, copying, faxing, filing, or scanning paper sports physical forms. Everything is done electronically instantly.